Career lessons from Connery’s James Bond

A sad day for James Bond fans like me. Here some career lessons I learned from the coolest spy ever (with a bit of cinematographic climax):

  1. Know your environment: Bond always gathers information before taking action
  2. Don’t be shy to ask for help: he relies on his colleagues, and knows how to make occasional alliances
  3. Take calculated risks: Bond is not afraid to take risks, but never relies on pure chance
  4. Master technology: he has the coolest gadgets and tech!
  5. Prepare for the unexpected: Bond has always an escape plan – sometimes more than one
  6. Dress to impress: clothes make the man. Bond has the perfect outfit for any occasion
  7. Know what you want: the spy demands his martini cocktail to be “shaken, but not stirred”
  8. Make reputation your best currency: is there anyone who does not know his name?

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